TNL at The Den 2Hi there, I’m David Pollon, a guitarist and singer-songwriter from the Seattle area.

The Northern Light has been my solo musical project since the spring of 2014, I’ve started out testing out my songs, trying to learn my craft in coffee houses around Seattle. In 2016, I’m making the steps to bring my songs to a full band.

The best way I can describe my musical vision is Songs of Despair and Redemption. If I’ve been successful in my songwriting craft, I’d like you to feel that my songs are written by a stranger, far from home, feeling the extreme distance from family, still working through the effects of decisions made long ago which set into a motion a life that perhaps can’t be redirected without destruction.

I know, none of this is cheery. When I sit down to write, I’m thinking of a remote hazy sun shining a light out of the North that can barely break through over the horizon to thaw the ice that’s wrapped around my heart.

I hope the songs speak to you. I’m just started in learning how to write them and hope they speak more strongly over time.

Thanks for visiting!

David Pollon
The Northern Light
Spring 2016